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Hi there, I have a Dracaena that is having some issues. It has a lot of lower leaves that are turning yellow and dying. Also the green leaves are very droopy. I believe that I was over watering it. (Once a week)

The stems are still firm and I didn’t notice any root rot. I removed all of the damp soul, repotted it into a slightly larger pot, and put it in some cactus soil. It gets a good amount of indirect sunlight throughout the day. If it is salvageable, will it be a long time for it to recover?


A few things…

1) The corner does not have nearly as much as you think: the total visible area of the sky from the point of view of the plant is what matters for “bright indirect light”. You should put the plant where it will have the widest possible view of the sky.

Better yet, get a light meter and never be left in the dark again – I’ve compiled a list of popular houseplants and their light requirements HERE.

2) Watering should be done according to OBSERVATION of the soil dryness (assuming the plant is getting adequate light) – here’s a smarter way to THINK about watering:

3) Older leaves will turn yellow and fall off as new ones grow – so what you’re seeing is not something to be avoided. It just happens regardless of “proper care” – here’s an article for some perspective: HERE

Your plant looks fine – just move it to a spot where it has the widest possible view of the sky and water it by watching the soil – waiting until it reaches partial-to-mostly dry. Lastly, expect older leaves to fall off! Good luck!

If you’re tired of tips and tricks, you can get the fundamentals of houseplant care from my book:

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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