Please help with my ivy plant!

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My Ivy plant leaves are getting droopy I feel like it’s dying.

The soil is most and I don’t water it until its dry. I transferred it near by my window (not direct sunlight). My room temp is always 25 Celsius.

Let me know what should I do to save it. If you need more information let me know as well.


In my experience, ivy doesn’t grow very nicely indoors. They attract spider mites and eventually lose most of the foliage near the soil, causing the plant to look sparse. Outdoors, people often cut back the vines at the end of the growing season and, come spring, new vines emerge – this tendency isn’t as strong when ivy is grown indoors, therefore, I don’t grow ivy indoors.

Sorry if this isn’t the answer you’re expecting but, as someone who doesn’t sell plants, I can tell you honestly which plants will be most satisfying to own indoors. Ivy isn’t one of them.

Plant Parent

No it’s okay, I might just stick to pothos, I really like viny plants and I keep on trying ivy and figs but I can’t get them strive.

Thank you for always replying on my email, I really appreciate it!


Yes – pothos (golden, marble queen, n’joy, neon), philodendron (micans heart-leaf, lemon-lime, neon, Brazil), string of hearts, spider plants – these are plenty viney and do very well indoors!

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Thank you so much will look for those!

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