Small Jade Cutting

Plant Parent

This plant started off as a broken piece and grew to an unbelievable beauty. Large bright green leaves…

It was moved and placed in the basement/lower level at the patio door. Slowly it continued to wither away. I recently took a piece that looked alive and potted placing it back upstairs in the window. Please tell me there’s hope and what I need to do. This one has sentimental value.


Jades are incredibly tough plants but, with such a small cutting, it should be in a small pot – perhaps no larger than 4-5 inches in diameter. When you have such a large volume of soil without root penetration, when you water it, the soil will remain moist for a long time, which promotes the bacteria that cause root rot. It’s best to have an appropriately sized pot where the roots of the plant will take up the moisture – again, assuming adequate light…

Here’s a better way to think about light:

Tired of your houseplants dying on you?

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