Succulents not happy!

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My succulents are not happy. I’ve tried many times but I’m not getting the way of making them happy. Something goes wrong.

The leaves shrink/drop/ the plant just dry up from the root. Then I tried plucking the remaining health plant and replant but the don’t grow.


How long have you had these succulents?  What is your thought process on watering and how exactly do you water?

Plant Parent

I’ve had them for 2 months some and some for 6 months. I water them twice a week. I spray water on the soil until it’s soaked.


Watering needs to be done by first giving the plant adequate light – your succulents are sitting right up against the window, which is the right place for them to be.  Second, you need to OBSERVE the soil moisture and only water when the soil is completely dry (“water when completely dry” is the strategy for succulents).  Watering should not be done arbitrarily by a schedule.

When you water, you need to pour water into the soil to fully soak it.  Spraying will not evenly moisten the soil.

Lastly, succulents will always grow long and “ugly” when grown indoors beside a window.  You can rip off the leaves and put them on top of some soil. In a few weeks, they will give rise to new little plants.  Succulents do not stay compact forever.  Older leaves will shrivel up and fall off naturally but yours probably happened faster because you were not watering evenly and deeply.

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